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Loïc Gasch

10x Swiss champion and national record holder in high jump at 2m33, Loïc Gasch is the reference of his sport in Switzerland. He participated in his first Olympic Games in 2021 where he was able to gain considerable experience for the rest of his career. Originally from Sainte-Croix, he is proud to represent the Nord-Vaudois region at the national and international level. 


Thanks to his fantastic year 2021 and the contribution of Koldia, Loïc Gasch will become a professional on November 1st. He was until then assistant to the chief accountant of the municipality of Orbe and will finish his accountant’s certificate in March 2022.

Our work

Koldia has developed Loïc Gasch’s image by providing him with a true regional identity, which has resulted in the creation of the Décollage Club, whose first mission is to guarantee his financial stability. 

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